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Sorcerer - Human Female

Sorcerer - Human Female

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Need a miniature for your character in D&D, Pathfinder, or any other fantasy tabletop RPG?

Try the Sorcerer Minifig from RPGminifigs!

Equipped with their brown Magic Wand for a focus and generating an orange Magical Energy, the Sorcerer is ready to dip into their Font of Magic! Draped in a brown Hood, Shawl, and Waist Cape the Sorcerer's look is complete. To top everything off is an exclusive, custom printed Battle-Ready Head you won't find anywhere else!

All of our minifigs are Lego® and other third party accessory compatible. So switch up the hair, the accessories, whatever you want, and make it yours!

Upgrade your Wizard with blue Wizard Sleeves!

Also, try a Crystal Staff for your arcane focus!

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