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Why Minifigs instead of Miniatures?

Lego D&D lets you customize your character! Regular D&D miniatures can’t upgrade and grow with you. D&D Minifigs allows you to visually represent your items, weapons, and armor! Above all else, RPGminifigs are FUN!

Minifigs give you, the player, the ability to show the table what you have, literally. From a sword upgrade to keeping track of which hand your torch is in, minifigs let you visually represent what you have going on. Did your vengeful DM cut off your hand? Show the table! Did you get a +2 Cloak of Protection? Add a cool cloak to your fig! Did you have to sell your armor for some coin? :-( Sorry! Minifigs let you customize your character for better visual representation which can help with both role play and keeping track of your items.

Lego D&D is great because there are so many options. Start with a basic figure, nothing fancy, and have them grow with you. I like to start with the basic weapons from Lego like the Shortsword, Greatsword, and Bow & Arrow. Starting with these makes the moment you upgrade to something better, more grand! Shortsword? How about a Wizard Sword from Brick Forge? Greatsword? Bequeath yourself a Sovereign Sword from Brick Forge! A basic bow & arrow to an English Longbow from Brick Warriors!

For armor I like to start with just the basic minifig, maybe add Lego Backpack which can upgrade to a Backpack from Brick Forge. For a little flair and color I like the Shawl and Waist Cape from Arealight. If you want some armor at the start, Lego Breastplate is the way to go and you can always switch it out later to some Paladin Armor from Brick Warriors. As stated earlier, when you get your Cloak of Protection (or any other cool cloak) you can don a Cape from capes4minifigs. Or if you already have a cool Shawl, you can add a Hood from Arealight.

There are so many great options for weapons, accessories, magic energy, armor, you name it. Your character should never be represented by a static miniature. Be dynamic! Stand out! And most importantly, have fun with your minifig!

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